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Item #: exh58907
This stock medical exhibit features illustrations of a lumbar disc herniation and steps from the surgical procedure to correct the problem that resulted in a dural tear. The first illustration provides a side cut away view of the spinal cord within a silhouetted figure. The area of injury in this case is shown boxed off from the rest of the anatomy. The second illustration shows an enlargement of the injured area. The L5-S1 disc is herniating and pressing in on the spinal elements. The third illustration depicts the midline incision made over the posterior figure's L5-S1 region. The fourth illustration shows the laminotomy performed at the L5-S1 region that results in a tear to the dura. The fifth illustration features the repair of the torn dura with a row of sutures. The sixth illustration highlights the removal of the herniated disc material as the surgical procedure continues. The final illustration shows the foraminotomy to relieve the aggravated nerve root. The image includes the row of sutures on the dural sac as they appeared at the end of the procedure.
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