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Item #: exh61553c
Myocardial Infaction with Increased Heart Function This medical exhibit begins with one anterior view of the heart illustrating the condition following the total blockage of the LAD. The distal portions of this vessel are shown pale in color to symbolize the lake of rich bloodflow through this vessel. The surrounding heart muscle is shown dark and dusky to represent the massive myocardial infarction resulting from the loss of bloodflow to this tissue. Next, two anterior cut-away views of the heart illustrate the pre-infaction ejection fraction. The first image shows a relaxed ventricle full of blood. The second shows the contacted ventricle ejecting 65% of the blood out into the aorta. Finally, another two images illustrate the post-infarction ejection fraction. The first image again shows the relaxed ventricle full of blood, but the second image shows that this damaged ventricle can no longer fully contract resulting in only 20% of the blood being ejected out into the aorta.
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