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Item #: exh78453
This exhibit features illustrations of the right hand and wrist with the bones visible beneath the skin, showing the severe swelling as well as the underlying comminuted distal radius fracture extending into the articular surfaces, ulnar styloid fracture, pisiform fracture, flake fractures of the dorsal lunate and scaphoid, and rupture of the scapholunate interosseous ligament.\r\n\r\nMultiple steps of the surgery include the incision on the dorsal wrist to expose the radial fracture site and removal of small fragments of cartilage and bone from the joint space, reduction of the scaphoid and lunate using K-wires, repair of the scapholunate ligament using two anchors and sutures, reduction of the radial fracture using multiple pins and bone graft, and post-operative condition with multiple pins, sterile dressing, and a thumb spica splint in place. Finally, one step of the removal of the retained K-wire will be illustrated.\r\n
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